Twitter Introduces Connect Playbook Guide For Twitter Campaigns.

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Twitter playbook walks you through everything you need to know about using Twitter ads to connect with what’s happening along the way, Building cultural relevance, targeting your audience, and delivering results.

In the guide, Twitter gives an overview of running impactful advertising campaigns, audience insights, and best practices to connect with any event, trend, or occasion with a case study for each. Furthermore, twitter talks about the most relevant Ad formats, costs, and bidding for each event.

Let’s dive in to learn about each point.

Why Choose Twitter For your Advertising Campaigns?

Twitter is the fastest way to learn what’s happening around the globe, and what people are talking about. If something happening in the world, it’s happening on Twitter.

Following are some highlight benefits of Twitter Advertising.

Twitter’s audience is active, engaged, and highly receptive.

Twitter help brands to connect with what’s happening through advertiser products that only Twitter can deliver.

When brands connect to events, occasions or trends on Twitter, Twitter call this connect ads or connect campaigns.

Users on Twitter spend 1.9x more time viewing connect ads (ads that connect to an event, occasion, or trend) and are more likely to respond after viewing an ad than on some other social media platforms.

Paid media for Twitter Connect campaigns resulted in +23% better cost-per-thousand (CPM) on average when considering campaigns and earned impressions.

In a study of how people interact with brands on social media, Twitter found:

  • For brand interaction Twitter is the number one platform
  • People on Twitter love to be the first to try new things and buy new products
  • 37% of Twitter users use Twitter to track/find information about products and brands [more than 1 in 3 users worldwide]

More people are turning to Twitter and engaging with ads than ever before, with a 35% increase in global ad engagement seen, According to twitter study.

“On average, exposure to Twitter Ads drives +153% incremental lift in Tweet conversation, and +151% incremental lift in authors.”

Cultural Relevance

Twitter research with Kantar has found a correlation between a brand’s cultural relevance 73% and its revenue. And when you compare Twitter with its leading competitors Twitter influences culture +278% vs other platforms.

What about the cultural moments? They are revealed daily on Twitter; Events, movements, trends, and conversations that shape our culture. In these times, people raise their voices to express their opinion as they are connected with what’s happening.

You can utilize Twitter to connect with these events and build cultural relevance. People buy from brands as they feel to be more culturally relevant. There is an 88% correlation between Twitter spending and perceptions of a brand’s cultural relevance.


Twitter is not just connecting people but also helping businesses and brands to sell their products or services to the most active and engaging audience on social media platforms.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Twitter Playbook Guide to learn about the scope, audience insight, and advertisement opportunities to get the most out of your social family.

Source: Business Twitter

Featured Image: Edgar Moran/Unsplash

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