Twitter Circle: A New Feature To Tweet To A Selected Group Of Followers

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Twitter circle is a new feature that enables users to select followers who can view and interact with their content on a tweet-by-tweet base. This feature will allow users to have more intimate conversations to build close relationships with specific followers.

Twitter is rolling out a feature similar to Instagram, which allows users to make selected tweets visible to a small group of people.

After a successful test in May, Twitter Circle is now available to everyone across the globe on the desktop web and mobile app both for iOS and android.

During the test period, Twitter Circles made users comfortable enough to tweet more often, with increased engagement in circle tweets.

Twitter Circle eliminates the need to switch between multiple accounts like personal and professional accounts, as you can customize the audience for each tweet you send.

Learn more about Twitter Circle and how to customize your group here.

How To Create A Twitter Circle?

For Twitter circle creation, use the Twitter composer or the main menu.

First, we’ll discuss how to create your Twitter circle from the tweet composer.

  • First Select choose audience within the Tweet composer.
  • Next to the Twitter circle option, select Edit.
  • Search and choose the person you want in your circle or recommended people list.
  • Click the X to continue writing your tweet.

Second, create a Twitter circle from the main menu.

  • Click on the Twitter circle.
  • Under Edit Twitter Circles, Search and select a person to add to your circle, or select someone from the list of recommended people.
  • Click on Add or Remove next to the name.

The next time you compose a Tweet, you will have the option to switch between the Everyone audience or Twitter Circle.

Twitter Circle
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In a Twitter circle, you can add up to 150 people that you can replace with others Twitter users anytime you want. Unlike circles on Google+ which are deprecated, Twitter only allows you to have one circle at a time.

Tweets sent to your circle will appear with a green badge below them.

They are only visible to people in your circles and cannot be retweeted or shared.

Also, all replies to these tweets are private, even if your Twitter account is public.

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