Twitter Analytics: A Powerful Tool To Track & Measure Twitter Campaigns

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Twitter Analytics is a powerful tool that allows businesses to understand better the success of their Twitter campaigns through the Analytics dashboard.

The dashboard not only allows you to track the progress and performance of your Twitter ad campaigns but also helps you better understand your audience.

In this article, we will discuss every aspect of Twitter Analytics, like how to access the dashboard and how to use the audience data for Ads optimization to perform the best.

But first, let’s discuss the benefits of using Twitter Analytics.

Benefits Of Using Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics provides detailed data insight that helps to:

Track ROI: With ad campaign metrics, you can track your return on ad spend (ROI).

Growth tracking: With organic metrics, you can track the growth and engagement of your audience.

Improve your strategy: Insights help you tweak and optimize your Twitter marketing strategy for more incredible success and better results.

Twitter Analytics For Twitter Ad campaigns

Because Twitter offers so many great advertising products and campaign options, there are several metrics you can track based on your campaigns:

Audience Measurement

Breakdown of the demographics of your Twitter ad campaigns and use these insights to ensure you’re reaching your target audience.

With audience measurement, you can see:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Indicators for gross rating points, etc.

Incremental Reach

Obtain a detailed overview of how much additional reach your Twitter Ads campaign provides in addition to the TV Ads you buy.

Key metrics contain incremental reach on Twitter, cost per reach point, and more.


Find out if your ad is being viewed by accessing viewability metrics in Twitter Ads Manager or by working with a third-party viewability provider.

Acquire statistics on measured ads, viewable ads, fraud rate and more.

Brand Lift

Find out how your campaign is driving brand lift with the Twitter Brand Survey.

Measure campaigns (large and small) and see how your ads impact brand metrics like awareness, preference, desire to buy and more.

Insights from surveys can also help you align your strategy to better meet your brand goals. Twitter also works with third-party brand survey providers to give you additional flexibility.

Website Attribution

Measure how well your Twitter ads drive website traffic using tools like the Twitter pixel or the Conversions API, or use our third party to compare performance across platforms.

Measure link clicks, website visits, conversion events and more.

Mobile App Measurement

Enable mobile app measurement to measure installs, in-app events, and other in-app purchases.

With this measurement tool, mobile marketers can see how their Twitter ad spends is leads conversions and use those insights to create more cost-effective and optimized campaigns.

Advertisers can also opt in to our Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) to obtain advanced device-level data that can be used to develop deeper performance analytics.

Location Measurement

Calculate the impact of Twitter ads to drive in-store traffic. Understand results like number of additional store visits, visit rate and more.

Buy-Through Rate

Find out how Twitter ad exposure correlates with car sales and use the insights to target your marketing spend to the most effective channels. The primary metric measured is units purchased from the exposed service group.

TV Tune-In

Measure the effectiveness of Twitter to drive TV tune-in.

Use this measurement to find correlations between engagement on Twitter and placements on top shows, cable shows, streaming series, and more.

Sales Impact

Sales impact studies allow marketers to measure the impact of Twitter ad campaigns in increasing online or offline sales and take advantage of a variety of targeting and creative strategies.

Key metrics include increased household sales, return on ad spend (ROAS), and more.

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)

MMM measures the impact of various marketing inputs (eg media activity, prices, advertising, etc.) on revenue and market share.

Measure your Twitter ad campaign’s return on investment (ROI) by working with Twitter to collect and share the data your MMM provider requests. You can then use the insights to allocate budgets effectively across all channels.

Twitter Analytics For Organic Social Networks

Twitter Analytics is also useful for measuring your organic growth and performance on Twitter.

If you do not use analytics and check the performance of your tweets, you are missing out on a lot of valuable information.

Each month by logging in to your Twitter analytics check out which of your Tweets are performing best, then try to figure it out why your tweet mentions a member of your community, maybe a Twitter thread, maybe a short, sweet tweet fits best.

Twitter analytics summary
Screenshot by the Author

Once you start to understand the formats and topics that work best, you can start emulating that success and giving your audience more of what resonates.

Once you understand which of the format and topics are performing best, you can start emulating that success and giving your audience more of what resonates.

To determine what works best for your business or brand, review these key metrics regularly:

Metrics to measure your organic performance:

Follower Growth

Track your follower growth throughout a month and determine how many new followers you gain per day.

These insights can help you determine what content is helping you gain (or lose) followers and how to customize your Tweets.

Find out your Top followers! The people with the most followers who recently followed you are your Top followers.

Knowing your top followers allows you to connect with industry influencers who may already know your brand.

Profile Visits

Profile visits are the total number of visits to your Twitter profile.

Twitter followers can visit a profile by using several ways, including clicking the profile name, profile picture, or profile username in search results, a Re-Tweet in the Feeds, navigating directly from a URL, or following a link.

Twitter Mentions

Twitter Mentions lets you see @mentions from time to time.

Twitter Mentions gives you an insight into how people are interacting with your content shared over time. Like Top Followers, this metric can help you connect with influencers who are already naturally engaged with your brand.

It allows you to engage with those accounts or even partner with them as an influencer.


Impressions let you view impressions for individual Tweet performance as well as a 28-day view of the overall impression.

Use this information by retargeting the tweets with the most views or creating tweets on similar topics.


Like impressions, the Tweets section shows your engagement with the tweet, or the number of interactions your tweet received and the engagement rate.

Pro tip: Adding photos or videos to your tweets usually drives more engagement. By analyzing impressions per day versus engagement and conversion rates, you get the perfect trio of metrics for tracking real business impact.

Video Performance

When you use videos as part of your content strategy, you can track video views and get an overall picture of how people are responding to your videos.

Top Tweet

Top Tweets shows the top Tweets of the month. Click View Tweet Activity to see specific interactions broken down by detail expansion, link click, profile click, and more.

When you see all your top tweets per month in one place, you can combine what you’ve learned and see what they all have in common.


Whether you are running a Twitter Ads campaign or want to grow your Twitter audience organically, Twitter analytics is a great tool to get detailed information about your target audience.

You can optimize your Twitter Ads campaign by using the analytics data to enhance your audience reach and profitability. Twitter analytics data also help to grow your Twitter audience organically by using key metrics like followers growth, mentions, and user engagement.

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