New Instagram Videos Under 15 Minutes Automatically Turn Into Reels.

Wakas Javed

Instagram is pushing Reels by introducing new tools to make video creation and editing easier.

With Reel growing in popularity, Instagram has decided to move any video you post under 15 minutes (if your account is public) to the Reel category.

When you post a video on your profile, Instagram will display this warning.


If your roll is posted on a public profile, it may qualify and be recommended by more people. It also allows other users to remix, edit and add their own spin to videos using Instagram’s built-in tools like templates and the new dual feature that shoots simultaneously from the front and rear cameras.

A Few Exceptions:

There are some exceptions, eg. B. Videos posted before everything changed today and videos longer than 15 minutes. The blog post also states that only videos under 90 seconds are currently eligible for the detection and recommendation system.

Remix Tool:

Instagram is also expanding its remix tools to improve the way Instagram Stories when collaborating with creators and friends, including:

  • Photo Remix: Photos are at the core of the Instagram experience. You’ll be capable to remix public photos in the coming weeks. It gives you unlimited inspiration to create your own unique reels.
  • Advanced Remix Layouts: Choose from green screen, horizontal or vertical split screen, or picture-in-picture reaction view to add your own video narration to an existing movie.
  • Add your clip: Got a cool movie? Instead of your remix appearing alongside the original, you can now add your clips after the original so they play in order.

Read official announcement: You can read more about these new features on the Instagram blog.

Easily Create Reels with Templates and Dual

Instagram wants everyone to be able to easily express their creative ideas, so we’re adding more features to help you record, edit and share them – right from your phone.

Templates: Need information? Templates make it easy to create cinematics by preloading audio and video, so you can easily add your own photos or videos. You can find template ideas by tapping the camera icon on the Rolls tab.

Dual: Record your content and reactions at the same time. You can record with your phone’s front and back camera at the same time to share different perspectives with Instagram’s dual camera function.

Why do we care? The new features come in the same week that Facebook shut down its main feed and the creators of TikTok expressed frustration with the low payouts. If you are a content creator monetizing Instagram Reel, you can take advantage of new tools and possible increased visibility.

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