Top 5 Most Recommended PPC Ad Networks in 2022

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All PPC Ad platforms are not exactly similar. So, advertisers may take it as an opportunity to reach out to their targeted audiences and potential customers to grow their brand awareness and traffic.

But the most crucial aspect of any PPC advertising is to choose the right PPC platforms, which works well for a business.

Most probably, your business can get benefits from several PPC Ad networks if you use them properly after knowing the facts about how they work and what you can achieve by using these platforms.

Below are the best 5 PPC Ad networks, and we‘ll learn in this article how they work?

  1. Google Ads.
  2. Microsoft Ads.
  3. Yahoo Gemini.
  4. AdRoll.
  5. Facebook Ads.

Google Ads is the premium, leading, and the most popular ad network as it receives billions of search queries in the Google search engine, and millions of websites registered with Google Display Network (GDN).

There are about more than three million websites and over 750,000 Apps that display Google ads through Google Display Network, and numbers are growing according to Google. So, you can reach billions of potential customers and targeted audiences using Google Ads.

Google processes over more than 3.5 billion daily and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

Placements: Google search engine, YouTube, Web placements on the Google Display Network (GDN), shopping, and mobile Apps.

Mobile: Google ads offer extensive mobile coverage on search engine results pages (SERP), mobile Apps, and Google display network websites (GDN).

Ad Formats: Text ads, image ads, responsive ads, and video ads.

Pricing: Google works on Cost per click (CPC) model based on quality and competition. Google display network or GDN allows cost per one thousand impressions (CPM).

Tip: Most of the time, advertisers find a higher cost per click (CPC) rates on Google Ads against many search phrases or keywords. In Google Ads Display Program, advertisers always are willing to spend more to acquire the top ad position, which ultimately increases the CPC. So, it’s very crucial to choose the right keywords that have decent search volume and low CPC to cut down your marketing cost. Otherwise, you may also consider other Ad Networks if you’re stuck with your keywords.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft is a great platform to go with for PPC Advertising.

Microsoft Ads allow advertisers to import their Google Ads campaigns using Microsoft ads tools to simplifying the process of getting started.

There is another advantage of using Microsoft Ads, Microsoft serving Yahoo search traffic, empowering several voice searches, and having access to LinkedIn data as well, therefore look for even more opportunities as advertising technologies advance.

Placements: The Microsoft audience Network, Search engines, mobile Apps, native content placement on partner sites, and the Edge browser.

Mobile: Microsoft Ads offer extensive mobile coverage on the Microsoft audience network and mobile Apps.

Ad Formats: Text Ads, Image-based Ads, Feed-based Ads, and Responsive Ads for native placements.

Pricing: Microsoft also works on CPC or Cost per Click model based on the quality and competition.

Tip: Even though Microsoft Ads allows advertisers to import Google Ads campaigns, I will highly recommend optimizing the Ads before running them on Microsoft Ads Network. Keeping the same copy of Google Ads on Bing Ads Network will be a big mistake because the prices are usually lower than Google Ads, make sure to adjust bids, match types and also add Microsoft Ad extension before making them live.

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Properties and oath Network serve search and native Ads, AOL, Tech Crunch (TC), composed of Yahoo, and many other websites such as Tumblr and Huffington Post falling under these two entities.

Microsoft Bing Ads extended and announced a partnership with Verizon Media in the first quarter of 2019, which enables Yahoo search traffic to be exclusively served by Bing Ads. It also includes search from the Oath Ad Platforms (formerly known as Yahoo Gemini) and other partners.

Placements: Yahoo search, Mobile search, AOL, Tech Crunch, Huffington Post, Tumblr, and native search.

Mobile: Yahoo Properties and oath Network serve search on mobile.

Ad Formats: Text Ads, Image Ads, Mail Ads, Tumblr Post Ads, App Install, Video Ads.

Pricing: Yahoo Gemini also works on a CPC (Cost per Click) model based on the competition and quality.

Tip:  Yahoo stands in the top 3 search engines, so if you want to target the audiences consuming yahoo products and want to serve the native ads, then Yahoo is a good option for you to go for PPC advertising.


AdRoll is a retargeting platform that uses more than 1.2 billion shopper profiles and trillions of intent data points to marketing platforms with 37,000+ growing brands.

AdRoll’s growth marketing platform helps you to find your target audience, building bespoke cross-channel user experiences that keep them coming back, and calculate your impact the whole time the customer journey.

They influence Facebook exchange ads, emails, Google, online stores, and many other marketing platforms.

Placements: Websites, Email, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads.

Mobile: AdRoll retargeting ads serve across all mobile and responsive devices.

Ad Formats: Web ads, native web ads, email ads, dynamic web ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads.

Pricing: AdRoll works on Monthly plans start with minimum spending of $300.

Tip:  If you have an E-commerce website or App then AdRoll, is an ideal PPC Ad network for you as its work on a retargeting model that retargets the products the shopper viewed.


Facebook is the world’s largest Social network with more than 2.4 Billion active monthly users, so it is an important platform to connect with the audience. User targeting on Facebook is very smooth with demographics, user behaviors, and interests.

Facebook’s micro-targeting feature helps you to get access to your exact target audience. It means that Facebook ads present your message in front of the people who most likely are potential customers of your advertised products or services.

So, it’s a great platform to get maximum return on investment (ROI), boost conversion rates from the budget by reaching to the exact target audience.

Placements: Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Mobile Apps on Audience Network.

Mobile: Facebook Ads can serve on mobile properties and Audience Network.

Ad Formats: Video Ads, photo Ads, canvas Ads or Mobile Ads, Carousel Ads, slideshow Ads.

Audience Network displays a wide range of video Ads in different formats such as native, rewarded, interstitial, and in-stream video.

Pricing: Cost on bid model, Cost per the desired action, Cost on estimated action rates, and ad quality.

Tip: Facebook Ads are the best option if you want to reach an exact targeted audience using specific demographics, user behavior, gender, and user interests. Unlike Google or Bing, Facebook Ads are targeted and result driven when it comes to utilized campaign budget more efficiently to increase conversions and Return on Investment (ROI).

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