Microsoft Ads Introduces A New Smart Campaign Feature To Run Ads On Google, Facebook, And Instagram.

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Microsoft Ads Smart Campaign feature

The latest update to Microsoft Ads Smart Campaigns includes multi-platform features that give them a competitive edge over Google.

Managing multiple ad platforms can be overwhelming for advertisers, but Microsoft plans to change that with its new multi-platform feature.

Microsoft just announced Multi-Platform, an all-in-one feature available in Smart Campaigns that lets you run ads on Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Instagram from within the Microsoft interface.

The update also includes important new features that set it apart from Google Ads. If you run paid display ads, it’s worth exploring new experiences.

Microsoft is rolling out experience migrations over the next few months, but existing advertisers may be considered for early access to the feature.

New Simplified Experience

The Microsoft Ads Smart Campaign was initially launched in 2020 to selected advertisers from the US, UK, and Australian markets.

In response to the growing demand for small to medium size businesses (SMBs) in today’s economy, Microsoft has improved the way campaigns are organized to be more efficient.

Multi-Platform allows advertisers to expand their reach by providing a single place to manage and report campaigns across the most popular ad platforms. Microsoft AI can also optimize your productivity budget.

Smart Campaign Features includes:

  • New guided campaign experience
  • Updated support chat experience
  • Easy ad setup with options to create your own or generate automatically
  • Run search ads on Microsoft and Google
  • Ads running on social platforms like, Facebook and Instagram
  • Auto content posting, like and reply to comments on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Collect and analyze reports
  • Automate content for AI
  • Optimize ROI with AI
  • Use AI to manage campaigns
  • Run matching ads with relevant keywords or online searches
  • Use the Microsoft Audience Network

How Microsoft Multi-Platform Advantage Over Google Ads

The most remarkable feature of the Microsoft Smart Campaign update is its multi-platform capabilities.

This new all-in-one feature is only available in Microsoft Ads and gives them a huge competitive advantage over Google.

Google’s “Maximum Performance” campaign type (formerly Smart Campaign) provides ad inventory for all of its properties such as Discover, YouTube, Gmail, Display, and Search. But ad inventory ends up in Google products.

With the new Microsoft Ads Smart Campaign experience, you can now expand your ad reach and show ads on the following combinations of platforms:

  • Microsoft Ads
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Microsoft’s updated AI solution automatically optimizes for best performance on selected deployments.

This looks like a pretty powerful and interesting feature that I’m looking forward to testing when it’s generally available. The ability to manage Google, Facebook, Instagram and social campaigns from one dashboard is very convenient and attractive.

Top Advantages of Microsoft Smart Campaign Features

Microsoft Ads continues to make competitive strides not only in the search market but now across multiple platforms.

Whether you fall into the small-to-midsized business (SMB) category or not, this feature offers significant benefits to your PPC program.

  • Enhance website and social media efforts.
  • Quickly scale ad and audience reach.
  • Expanded testing capabilities.
  • Simplified campaign management.

Learn more about Smart and Multi-Platform Campaigns. Read the announcement here and learn more about what multiplatform can do here.

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