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Complete Guide to get Google Reviews - SEI

As a business owner, you know that online reviews are very important and can make or break your business.

In fact, 89 percent of consumers worldwide say they read online reviews before buying a product, and 49 percent say they trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

And in this guide, I’ll discuss the presence of Google My Business and Google review management as one of the most important bridges between trusting your customers and making a purchase, or ignoring them and never coming back.

Also I will present you everything you need to know about Google reviews and ratings, including how to get more reviews, how to respond to negative reviews, and how to use Google My Business to your advantage.

Good reviews can help you attract new customers, while bad reviews can discourage potential customers from doing business with you.

This is why it is so important to learn all about Google reviews and how to use them to your advantage.

What Are Google Reviews?

Google Reviews are public comments and ratings; left by customers regarding a service or product about a business. Customers can view businesses on Google Search, Maps, and Local Finder. These reviews are important because they help potential customers learn more about your business before they decide to endorse it.

google reviews
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People always take Google reviews as a recommendation, so Google reviews always assist in decision-making when a potential customer intends to buy something online. It probably won’t surprise you that Google is the most popular platform for online reviews, used by more than 63 percent of users. But the question is why People take Google reviews as an authority compared to other feedback and reviews submission websites, like Trustpilot and Facebook reviews.

The answer is quite simple; Google Reviews provide valuable information about the company’s operations and the actual experiences of customers having real interaction with the company. The truth is that Google reviews are most important because customers can find local businesses there, making Google the number one local business review platform.

Google Reviews can be up to 4000 characters long and contain short comments and ratings from 1 star (lowest) to 5 stars (highest).

Why Google Reviews Are Important To Your Business?

Google Business Reviews are important because they can increase your business visibility and click-through rate (CTR) on Google Search and Google Maps.

A higher CTR means more people will see and click on your ad in search results, resulting in more customers.

Also, Google reviews and ratings act as social proof. They show potential customers that others have had positive experiences with your business and make them more likely to buy from you.

Google Business Reviews is also one of the many factors that search engines consider when ranking local SEO. Therefore, it is very likely that a business with a high number of reviews will rank first in local searches for certain branded keywords.

This means that if you get more positive reviews on Google, you may be able to improve your position in local search results. In other words, Google reviews have the potential to bring in more customers and help you grow your business.

So it’s pretty clear that if you want your business to stand out on Maps or Google Search, you need to set up a process for obtaining, managing, and responding to Google reviews.

Where Do Reviews Appear On Google?

Your Google reviews appear in your Google My Business account. From there, the Google ranking system can pick it up and display it on search results and Google Maps:

1. Google Local Search Results

When someone searches for navigation keywords, e.g. For example, “best coffee shop near me” if you’re in the “coffee” business and the prospect is near you, Google will show a listing of your business if it’s worth to show in Google results.

Google search results
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2. Google Maps

Also, when someone searches for your business name, it can appear in the Google Maps section of Google search results or directly within the Google Maps app.

Note: Google will only show those businesses in search results that meet ranking criteria for Google My business searches. So make sure your business page meets that criteria. For more understanding of how you can rank on Google Maps results, check out a previous post.

Google Maps
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What Are The Benefits Of Google Reviews?

Let’s see why receiving and managing reviews on Google is so important.

Since Google is the most used and trusted search engine, people also regard Google reviews as reliable information to draw conclusions about a particular product or service.

Undoubtedly, Google Reviews are becoming more and more important for today’s business owners. They are an important part of their company’s digital marketing strategy and online presence. One of the main benefits of Google reviews is that they improve local search rankings.

Therefore, it is important to know how to set up and optimize Google My Business listings for better local SEO performance in the SERPs.

Here are some quick and helpful tips:

  1. Choose a good profile and cover photo
  2. Choose the appropriate business category
  3. Enter relevant business information such as description, location, phone number, website URL and working hours, etc.

Also, note that chatting or messaging with potential customers is a great Google My Business feature only enabled for some countries.

All you have to do is enter your phone number and enable the click to send this message option.

With all these features mentioned above, here are the main benefits of Google reviews for your business:

  • Increase brand trust
  • Enhance the online presence
  • Attract organic traffic through local SEO
  • Provide important feedback about your business
  • Increase landing page conversions
  • Increase sales

All of these benefits are helpful in business branding for any scale business. But’ especially for small businesses looking to attract new customers to grow faster.

Online reviews proved a powerful assessment tool for businesses or services operating as local businesses.

Are Google Reviews Works As A Ranking Factor?

Having Google reviews on your business profile can do wonders for your rankings. And here’s how.

Google review as a ranking factor
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Google’s algorithms are designed to provide users with the most relevant results. When many users rate you, either with a 5 or 1 star rating, Google trusts them. So, good reviews increase your chances of ranking higher in search results.

This means that the more reviews you have, the more information Google will get about your business and the higher your Google My Business (GMB)listing will rank.

Therefore, It’s quite crucial getting more and more positive reviews for your Google my business listings to get optimized for local search results.

How Do Google Reviews Affect Search Results CTR?

When the users search for a business on Google, they get a list of results.

According to a recent study by Zero Limit Web, the top five SERP results receive 67.60% of all clicks.

Companies with higher overall scores tend to rank higher on this list. Therefore, a better position makes you more visible to users. And a good rating makes you more credible.

If your business appears on top of the Google search results page for local searches with many positive reviews, people will love to click on that.

Request Google Reviews: How To Ask Customers To Leave Reviews And Ratings On Google?

We all understand now the importance of Google reviews for your local business. But the big question is how to get positive reviews that influence others to increase your CTR.

According to BrightLocal, 60 percent of consumers are willing to leave a review for a positive experience and 40 percent consider leaving a review for a negative experience.

But just because a customer is willing to leave a review doesn’t mean they will. If you want to increase the number of Google reviews customers have left for your business, you have to make it easy and convenient for your customers to leave them.

The best practice to get the maximum results is to ask your customers directly. Consider pasting your Google My Business review link at:

  • Email Signature
  • Post-purchase confirmation email
  • Physical receipt
  • Thank you card or note

Make sure to follow the bellow mentioned points when you ask your customers to leave a review:

Personalize requests: address them by name and mention their recent purchase or experience.

Be concise and sweet: If you ask customers politely and sweetly to leave a review, they are more likely to accept your request if you are to the point.

Add a link to your Google My Business listing: Make it easy for your customers to leave a review by including a direct link.

Popup Message: When someone completes purchasing a product or service, send a popup with a short request; can you please rate your experience on Google? It gives customers a starting point, and 7 out of 10 times will leave their feedback.

NOTE: Most review sites, including Google, don’t allow businesses to offer anything in exchange for reviews. Instead, focus on making it as easy as possible for them to submit their reviews.

Keep in mind that a recent top Google reviewer had a positive experience with your business and will most likely provide a detailed review.

By following these tips, you can get more Google reviews for your business and start building your authority online.

How Many Google Reviews Do You Need For A Business?

The more reviews you have the more authority you get online and Google will rank you higher in search.

The average number of reviews depends on the industry you are in. But whatever the niche, always try to have more reviews than your competitors. Here’s how you can get ahead of them in Google search results.

How To Respond To Google Reviews?

Responding to Google reviews is as crucial as getting it in the first place.

Take the time to respond and show your potential customers that you value their feedback, good or bad. You also have the opportunity to tell your side of the story when a customer leaves a negative review.

Once you start collecting reviews, take the time to respond to both; positive and negative reviews.

While positive reviews are great for boosting morale, responding to negative reviews is critical to maintaining the reputation of your business.

ReviewTrackers found that more than half of customers expect businesses to respond to negative reviews within a week. Nevertheless, 63 percent stated that they had never heard of the company about their rating!

Additionally, a study by BrightLocal found that 89 percent of consumers will continue to visit a business that responds to all of its online reviews.

So, let us discuss how to respond to each review, whether a review is positive or negative, or neutral review, to make a strong connection with your customers.

Tips For Responding To Positive Reviews On Google

It is usually an exciting and fun job to respond to positive reviews. Here is a tip on how to respond to positive reviews on Google to turn a customer into a lifetime customer.

  1. Thank your customers for their feedback and let them know that you appreciate their support and time.
  2. If necessary, invite customers to contact you directly so you can thank them personally
  3. Tailor your response so that they feel seen by your company.

The most important thing to remember when responding to reviews on Google is to be responsive, professional and courteous. This shows other potential customers that you care about your business and are committed to providing the best possible experience.

positive response
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Tips On How To Respond To Negative Reviews On Google

Responding to negative reviews can be tricky and the most challenging part of this job, as your company or business reputation is at stake.

However, it takes longer to review and respond to negative reviews on Google. But, it is a crucial part of your reputation management strategy.

Unfortunately, you can’t ignore it until it vanishes itself. Ignoring bad reviews can make things worse!

To properly deal with this situation, here are some tips:

  1. Review and evaluate feedback internally first
  2. Prepare the appropriate answer
  3. Respond to reviews publicly and quickly
  4. Have a one to one conversation
  5. Be transparent about mistakes and problems
  6. Ask a question if the details are not clear
  7. Suggest a similar solution or willing to help
  8. Add a human touch and sign your name in reply
  9. Ask customers for updates and don’t leave the conversation unfinished
negative review response
Image source : BrightLocal

If you follow these guidelines to address the issue, you can minimize the impact of a negative review in most cases.

If some of these reviews make you suspicious and look like a maliciously planned attack on your business reputation, you should take further action. These actions include flagging and reporting fake reviews so the Google team can remove them.

This process includes several steps for reporting inappropriate or fake reviews.

However, this is not an easy and often frustrating process.

The harsh truth is that there is no guarantee that Google Support will listen and remove ratings for you.

So the suggestion is to try to correct things with the customer by offering the best possible alternatives.

Tips For Responding To Neutral Reviews On Google

When you get positive or negative reviews, it’s easy to see where the customer stands. But when there are neutral reviews, it can be hard to tell what they think of your company and products!

This type of review often contains elements of both good and bad reviews – which makes it very confusing.

Bellow is the tip on how to respond to these types of reviews.

So, for these kinds of reviews, you have to respond more efficiently by addressing both parts; the first reply to that part customer appreciates, and then respond to the second part that suggests something to improve in your service or product.

neutral review response
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How To Use Google Reviews For Your Business?

Google Business Reviews is more than just a way to get customer feedback. You can also use them as a great marketing tool.

Here are three tips for using Google reviews to improve your business.

1- Embed Reviews On Your Website

Once you have a collection of positive Google business reviews on your GBP Business page, you can display them on your website or landing page using a widget. It is an easy option for potential customers to see what other people think of your business before they decide to make a purchase.

google reviews widget
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Depending on the content management system used, different widgets are available. Make sure you choose one compatible with your website platform that fits your website style.

If you’re not sure how to add a widget or plugin to your website, most providers offer instructions or customer support that can help you.

Some of the popular Google reviews for business Plugins and widgets are:

You can choose one of these widgets or plugins and display your business reviews on your website.

2- Use positive Google Reviews To Reduce Empty Carts.

When customers see that others have had positive experiences with your brand, they are more likely to make a purchase.

One of the easiest ways to build customer trust is to add testimonials and product ratings to your checkout process.

Detailed reviews can help you reduce empty carts by:

  • Support customers with specific problems
  • Build trust with your potential customers because it is crucial to growing your business.
  • less friction during checkout

When adding reviews to a product or checkout page, make sure they are specific and highlight the features that matter most to your customers.

For example, if you sell cell phones, customers might search for reviews on Cameras, battery life, display, etc.

If you’re not sure which review to show, start with your most recent reviews or those of customers who have made similar purchases in the past.

3- Regularly Update Reviews

Customers not only want to see that you have reviews; but also that you are getting those reviews regularly and people like your products or services. Do you prefer to shop from a company that has not received single feedback in the last six months or from a company that regularly receives reviews?

The answer is simple, you will buy from a company actively doing business, and people love their products or services.

google reviews update
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If it’s been a few months since your last review, reach out to your last few customers and ask for their feedback. You can always offer an incentive to leave a review, e.g. Discount for next purchase.

We have already discussed how you can ask for reviews from your customers. So, don’t be shy to ask for a favor.

These are a few methods that can be handy to increase the business by generating more leads.

Summary Of Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s About Google Review.

Now let’s talk about some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Google reviews. Google also allows businesses to set the auto response to frequently asked questions.

Here is the list of FAQ’s:

1- How To Ask Customers To Leave Reviews On Google?

There are various methods which you can opt to ask for your customers to leave Google reviews, but the most efficient are:

Use an email campaign: Once a customer completes purchasing a product or service, send an email politely and professionally to ask to share the experience on your Google business page. For user assistance, add a link to your Google business page in the email so they can leave a review without worries.

2- Does Google Have Fake Reviews?

Usually not, as Google claims it has a zero-tolerance policy for fake reviews. However, the truth is that there are fake or paid review possibilities all over the internet. You can see many fake reviews not just on Google but also on other review submission platforms. If you’re not sure about the validity of a review, check the reviewer’s username and avatar to see if there’s anything suspicious. You can also view past reviews from reviewers.

3- How Can I Delete Google Reviews?

If your business got a fake, suspicious, defamatory, or negative review on Google business page, you can try to remove it by:

–  First ask the reviewer to delete it himself

– Ask Google to remove it

– Report as spam

4- Should I Reply To Negative Reviews On Google?

Yes, responding to Google reviews is a pivotal part of online reputation management. So, when it comes to negative reviews, your appropriate response to those reviews becomes even more crucial as you have a chance to turn things around. However, when responding to negative feedback, always be professional and courteous. Never leave an insulting or inflammatory reply.

5- How To Get More Reviews On Google?

There are several ways you can encourage customers to leave reviews for example:

– Ask them personally

– Post-purchase confirmation email

–  Send them follow-up emails

–  Send Thank you card or note

–  Send SMS or Ask on Call

– Include review links in email signatures

– Making social media posts

– Google Ads campaign execution

6- How To Get More 5-Star Reviews On Google?

The best way to get 5-star reviews on Google is to ask customers you know who are happy with your product or service to leave a review for you.


Every business look to build an online reputation, and Google reviews can do this because Google Reviews are a proven method to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Google reviews send a message to potential customers that your business is appreciated. You can also highlight your company’s best assets and demonstrate your commitment to customer service.

By following this Google review guide: you can create a list of helpful reviews that will benefit your business. By responding professionally to negative reviews, you can turn a bad situation into a positive one.

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