How Brands Can Increase Twitter Followers – A Complete Guide

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Brands come on Twitter to connect with their audience, and that’s no surprise. 53% of users on Twitter tend to be the first to buy a new product.

Growing your audience on Twitter doesn’t just make your brand look more popular. This also helps to influence the potential customers to trust your company.

It establishes your place in your industry. It shows your customers, prospects and even competitors that you are a brand that means business.

So, how can your brand grow followers organically on Twitter?

How To Increase Your Twitter Followers:

Below are the Useful steps which can help you to get more twitter followers for your Brand.

  1. Share relevant and useful content
  2. Publish visual content
  3. Tweet regularly
  4. Interact with other people
  5. Promote your @name wherever you can
  6. Use your existing customer base
  7. Run a follower campaign

Share Relevant And Useful Content

People come to twitter to join the conversation and consume the content that matters to them. So, to grow your following, you need to make sure your content resonates with your audience and adds value—whether it’s tweets about sales, product tutorials, or current events.

If you’re not sure what content is, use your Twitter analytics to learn more about what your audience likes best.

Take advantage of trending topics by browsing research pages and using keywords and hash tags relevant to your industry and audience. For example, look into these guidelines on how to incorporate trending topics into your Twitter strategy.

Publish Visual Content

97% of users focus on visual elements on Twitter. So media addition to your tweets helps them stand out from the crowed. Add various graphics and videos to make your content more interesting and memorable.

Tweet Regularly

It’s important to have a regular cadence of content that your audience can rely on and expect. Create a content calendar to plan your ideas and make sure you’re tweeting during important seasons and events.

Download the Tweets Organic Starter Kit and the Tweets Brainstorming Kit to help you get started with planning.

Interact With Other People

Twitter is all about connecting. Don’t just post a tweet and vanished. Follow others in your industry, retweet influencers, engage with community thought leaders, and respond to mentions and subscribers to build engagement and connections.

Top Tip: You can also find micro-influencers to promote your business or products. They can really help you enlarge your reach and build trust with new audiences.

Promote Your @Name Wherever You Can

Show your brand in front of as many people as possible. Add a follow button to your website, include a link to your Twitter account in your email and newsletter signatures, and promote it in offline materials such as business cards or menus.

Use Your Existing Customer Base

Did you know that you can find existing customers on Twitter via their email? Just upload an existing email contact and let customers know you’re ready to chat by following them on Twitter.

Run A Follower Campaign

Apart from increasing your organic following, you can accelerate your growth by running a follower campaign. Followers’ campaigns allow you to promote your account to a specific audience, and you only pay when someone follows you after seeing your ad.

Consider running a short campaign to build momentum, or an ongoing campaign to create a steady stream of new followers.

Growing a Twitter following for your brand takes experimentation and some time, but you will see great results in the long run. Now that you know how to get followers on Twitter, be sure to follow @TwitterBusiness for more tips on growing your presence.

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