Google Updated Its Policy On Spam In Business Profile Posts

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Posts that don’t follow these guidelines may be disapproved and removed from Google Maps and Search.

Google has updated what it considers spam related to Google business profile posts in Business Profile Content Policy. A new line added under the  “Avoid” section says: “Examples of such content that are not allowed include ‘duplicate photos, posts, videos and logos’.

Why Do We Need To Focus On Duplicate?

Yes, the new line states that “duplicate photos, posts, videos and logos” have been added as examples of Google posts that will be rejected or removed as spam. This line was not previously in the Google doc and was just added.

Check Out Screenshot

Here is a screenshot of the addition:

What Will Be Its Consequences?

What if you get caught posting a duplicate photo, post, video, or logo in your Google Business Profile post? Well, this post can be rejected or removed from Google Search and Google Maps.

On Friday Joy Hawkins and Colan Nielsen posted this on Twitter:

Why Do We Care?

If you create multiple Google Business Profile posts, make sure you don’t duplicate photos, posts, videos, or logos in your Google Business Profile posts. If you find that some of your posts have recently been disapproved, it may be related to the revised guidelines that Google added recently.

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