Google Testing More Local Service Ads (LSA) In SERPs

Wakas Javed

Google is testing an increase in the number of local service ads in search engine results pages SERP’s.

Google is experimenting with more local service ads per set of search results, with three ads on a page rather than two.

Ginny Marvin, Head of Advertising at Google, confirmed the test and said the goal was to increase user confidence in LSAs:

The Google experiment has backfired as it draws more attention to the ongoing LSA spam issue.

Google Increases The LSA To Three Instead Of the Previous Two Per Page.

Adding another ad element can be a positive change for businesses promoting their services on Google.

However, this makes Google’s LSA spam more common.

As mentioned in a reply to Marvin’s tweet, several issues are currently infesting local service ads. Such As:

  • Ads for fake companies
  • Showing business profiles with fake reviews
  • Ads for disabled business accounts

Given that each of these ad packs promises to be “verified by Google”, there must be a quality assurance flaw somewhere.

Marvin ensures advertisers that Google takes these reports seriously:

“We are determined to ensure that the LSA module provides a trustworthy experience for users and service providers. We have taken your report seriously and continuing to work on it.”

Hopefully, Google reaches the spam LSA count before it breaks users’ trust in ad units.

For legitimate businesses that use LSA to advertise their services, this test means a better chance for your ad to appear on the first page of Google.

If you see a deceptive ad appearing next to you, use the report option to notify Google.

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