Google Search Is Very Broken Now: Outages, Indexing Issues, Missing Pages, And More

Wakas Javed
Google SEI

Yesterday, Google experienced a sizeable Google Search outage, which is still ongoing as of this morning.

It looks like it was more than just an outage as there have been lots of complaints about indexing issues, pages being removed from the index and very poor and dated search results showing up on Google this morning.

There was a fire in Google’s data center which seems to be causing this problem. A Google spokesperson said: “We are aware of an electrical incident that occurred today at a Google data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, injuring three people on site who are currently being treated.

The health and safety of all workers is our top priority and we are working closely with partners and local authorities to thoroughly investigate the situation and provide assistance if needed.” The injured should be in our thoughts and prayers and have a speedy recovery.

Fractions look like this to many searchers, although I don’t see them myself:


But the outage appears to be impacting more than just access to and Google search results.

There have been a lot of complaints about indexing issues and old sites that used to be ranked are no longer ranked. Here are some of the complaints:

Google is aware of this, and John Mueller of Google believes that things will get better as soon as Google recovers:

Also, the tracking tool doesn’t know what to do with this outage, and Google doesn’t work. Some of the graphics really burn and pierce the X-axis:

So Google is a bit of a mess at the moment, but I think they’re working on it.

Update at 9:20 a.m. ET: I heard some reports that some issues have returned to normal. Keep in mind that this can take a long time, even if you see everything back to normal, the next person can still see some very bad results. But it will resolve itself and I wish the injured a speedy recovery.

Update at 2 p.m. ET: The hearing is now reporting that most are back to normal.

Featured Image: Mitchell Luo/Unsplash

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