Google Announces A Bug Fix In Search Console Marking Pages As Indexed When Not Indexed.

Wakas Javed

Google just announced on Twitter, that it fixed a bug in Google Search Console that was marking pages as indexed when they weren’t. Google says this bug “affects multiple properties.”

Google wrote on Twitter: “Today we fixed an issue with Search Console that affected multiple properties: we reported non-indexed pages as indexed.”

Google says “As a result, you may see a decrease in indexed pages in the index coverage report.”

Here is the Tweet:

So, be sure to check your coverage report in Google Search Console to see if there are any major changes in indexed vs not indexed reports.

indexed vs not indexed
Image Source: Screenshot from GSC by Author

In my case, I am noticing the same problem “page is indexed in search console, but actually, it’s not” see the example:

indexed on GSC not indexed on SERPs
Image Source: Screenshot from the GSC and SERPs by Author

I raised this question on Twitter and got this response from Barry Schwartz.

Another guy in response to my Tweet said.

This bug will create a huge mess for many SEOs to report to their clients and stakeholders. For all of you who told your customers previously that X pages of the site were indexed by Google, and now you have to tell them that only Y pages are indexed, this is a real issue that they will face.

Following are the response of some SEO Geeks on Twitter, How they perceived it.

So, a lot of people are concerned about this, and they are sharing problems in response to the Google Search Console tweet.

Source: Twitter

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