Google Releases September 2022 Core Algorithm update

Wakas Javed
Google Core Algorithm update

Google has announced a major algorithm update that signals significant changes in search results.

This update will last about two weeks and follows helpful content update that was completed last Friday.

Google is now rolling out a new broad core update in September 2022, after the first core update in May 2022. So, it is the second broad core update in 2022.

A core algorithm update was announced by Google when the changes were made big enough for publishers and search engine marketers to notice.

The official Google Search Center account tweeted the update announcement.

The core algorithm update is a change to some parts of Google’s algorithm. While algorithms are always subject to change, updates to the core algorithm are usually more visible.

You may expect algorithm changes over the next few days as the changes are rolling out to all data centers. There is no confirmation on how this affects search results (SERPs) worldwide and in multiple languages.

Also, expect it will affect search results in most languages ​​as this type of update is more common to affect all language sites.

Update Announcement: Google announced about this broad core update on Twitter, and updates its search ranking update page too, “Today we are releasing the broad core update September 2022. And we’ll update ranking release history page once rollout is complete. The rollout time of this update is two weeks to complete.”

The Launch Started This morning: Google released this major update around 11:26 a.m. ET. And Google will update us when this update is complete.

This comes after the useful content update was completed last Friday September 9, 2022.

Past Core Updates Timeline: As we all know, Google releases core updates from time to time to improve search results. However, the most recent previous core update was in May 2022 core update, it was a fast and significant update.

We had many Google core updates in the past, including the November 2021 core update, and before that, there was the July 2021 broad core update; before the June 2021 core update, and before that, there was December 2020 core update.

And this list of broad core updates goes back to January 2020 on Google search ranking updates page. Some of these updates impacted more than others, but generally, all these updates make Google update its search to improve the experience and the quality of results.

Response Of Search Community To Core Update Announcement.

The overall public response from the search community is that they expect an improvement in search results after this core update. However, many think Google is coming too fast with algorithm updates.

What To Expect From This Core Update

Whenever Google updates its search ranking algorithm, it means your website may perform better or worse in search results.

Knowing when Google makes these updates gives us a clue so we know if you’ve changed something about your site or if Google has changed something in their ranking algorithm. Today we know that Google will be rolling out a major rankings update, so keep an eye on your analytics and rankings over the next few weeks.

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