Google Announces Expanding Eligibility With Product Structured Data In Google Search

Wakas Javed

Google announces today, on September 13, 2022, its expanding eligibility for enhanced product experiences on Google Search through the use of Structured Product Data. This enhanced product experience was previously only available to Merchant Center users.

Google announced also making it easier to understand the requirements for this experience by updating its documentation and reporting in Search Console.

Expanded Eligibility For Websites That Directly Sell Products

Google has been offering shoppers a rich product experience in search results for some time. To make this experience more accessible to website owners, Google has extended permissions for websites that implement structured data. There are two broad categories of experiences for website owners:

Merchant listings experience for websites that allow shoppers to purchase products on the website.

Product snippets for broader product information web pages with information including web pages that sell products, post product reviews and gather information from other websites.

Initially, product snippets in Google search results were primarily based on structured product data from, and merchant experience listings were primarily based on product details provided through the Google Merchant Center feed.

Merchants can now qualify for Merchant Listings by providing product data on websites without a Google Merchant Center account. This increase in eligibility was made possible in part by recent extensions to product-related properties and types on for areas such as clothing sizes and energy efficiency ratings.

After adding structured data, you may be eligible for the following experiences.

Figure 1. How a list of merchants can appear in search results merchant listing popular productsThe Merchant Listing Experience offers an enhanced experience including a shopping knowledge panel and popular products, as well as a shopping experience using Google Images and Google Lens. The structured data required for seller listings and product snippets is described in Google Structured Product Data documentation. product snippet merchant listingFigure 2. Example of a product snippet in search results

While Google collects structured product data from websites around the world, the shopping experience may be available in a limited number of countries.

Google Introducing New Search Console Reports For Site Owners

To enable websites to take advantage of this experience, the existing Search Console Structured Product Data report has been replaced with two reports: the new merchant Listing report and the Product Snippets report (which contains the legacy Products report). These reports are grouped in the new shopping section of the Search Console navigation bar.

Reports allow you to view errors, warnings, and pages that are valid for the markup applied to your site. Reporting changes are also reflected in the Rich Results tool.

New Merchant Listings Report

  • Identify structured data issues for free listings in search results.
  • It is suitable for pages that sell products.
  • Covering a wider range of properties and structured data types used by product types now supported for advanced cases such as clothing sizes and energy efficiency ratings.

Product Snippets Report

  • Identify structured data issues for product snippets in search results.
  • Suitable for sites that share product review information or combine product data from multiple websites. Note that pages that sell products may also include product reviews.
  • Replaced the previous structured product data report with a fix regarding splitting seller list validation into custom reports. A history of previous validation errors is stored in this report.

Impressions with product results no longer appear in product snippets reports. You can still view impressions for product results in the performance report.


If you sell products and don’t use Google Merchant Center, your products can now appear in more places and in richer forms than ever before. Make sure you use Structured Product Data and/or Merchant Center to take advantage of it.

Source: Google Search Central

Featured image: kroshka nastya/FreePik

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