Google Delays Discontinuing Third-Party Cookies on Chrome Till 2024

Kalsoom Waqas

Google Chrome extended the deadline to withdraw third-party cookie support to 2024.

Google delayed discontinuing third-party cookies on Chrome for another year and plans to phase it out by 2024.

This is the second addition to Chrome’s support for third-party cookies, which Google originally planned to end earlier this year. Last year plans changed again when Google extended the deadline to 2023. Now extensions get extensions.

Google needs more time to test its privacy sandbox initiative, a less intrusive solution for serving targeted ads.

Anthony Chavez, vice president of Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative, explained in a blog post:

“The steadiest feedback we’ve received is that we require more time to assess and test new privacy sandbox technologies before discontinuing third-party cookies on Chrome…

This conscious approach to staying away from third-party cookies ensures the web can continue to thrive without having to rely on cross-site tracking identifiers or hidden techniques like fingerprinting.”

Google has started testing the privacy sandbox in recent months. Developers, publishers and marketers agree that a longer testing period is required.

Google is now planning to gradually move away from third-party cookies to a privacy sandbox, rather than suddenly replacing them with something new.

A test version of the Privacy Sandbox API is available to developers. By August, the process will reach millions of people around the world.

Google will roll out the test to more people later this year and through 2023.

Chavez continued:

“In Third quarter of 2023, we suppose the Privacy Sandbox API to be released and publically available on Chrome.” As developers adopt this API, we now aim to start enabling third-party cookie removal in Chrome in the second half of 2024. As always, please visit the Privacy Sandbox website for the current schedule and achievements.”

For marketers and advertisers, this means more time before adjusting your advertising strategy to attract Chrome users.

It is not known how disabling third-party cookies in Chrome will affect advertisers or how effective the privacy sandbox is in targeting customers.

We will likely learn more when the test is extended to 2022 and 2023.

Source : Google

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