Google Confirms Ongoing Concern With Its Search Index Issue Update: Fixed?

Wakas Javed

On July 15, Google confirmed that it was experiencing problems with its search index, affecting a large number of websites. The root-cause is unknown.

Google says it has identified the indexing issue and is working to fix it.

It looks like the fix is rolled out now as the new content is getting indexed. However, there is no confirmation from Google that the problem has been fixed.

The original story continues below.

Google has confirmed that there is an ongoing indexing issue affecting a large number of websites.

The cause of the problem is currently unknown. Google will provide an update in the next 12 hours.

Those are the details we know so far.

How Many Sites Were Affected And To What Extent?

Today’s ongoing issues with Google’s search index seem to only affect new content. If you post new content today, it may not be indexed until the issue is resolved. You can check it yourself by searching for “site:” and filtering the results by the last day or time.

We published several articles in Search Engine Inside on 15 July 2022, and none of them are indexed yet, as you can see in the screenshot below:

It’s unknown when the issue started, although we were able to narrow it down to the last 4 hour time window based on recent indexing of new content. That means Google may stop indexing new pages around 7 a.m. EST.

Because many websites are affected, as far as we know faced the same issue, or you can say that all websites that publish new content today.

If you haven’t added a new page to your site and don’t intend to do so, don’t worry.  An indexing issue affecting this new content has occurred and history shows that the issue does not affect existing content.

Will This Affect My Search Rankings?

The main concern of people with Google issues is how they will affect search rankings.  Of course, this issue is limited to indexing, not ranking. This error does not affect Google search rankings for existing content.

New content has no chance of ranking unless indexed, although this is only temporary while Google fixes the problem.

Will My Content Eventually be Indexed?

Google does not guarantee that all content will be indexed even if the system is functioning normally, so it is impossible to know whether the content you post today will eventually be indexed.

If Google normally indexes your new page, it will probably continue while fixing the error.

When Will Google Fix The Problem?

In the past, it took about 24 hours to fix Google indexing errors. However, the timeframe may be longer or shorter as Google does not provide an estimate.

Google will provide updates on Twitter via @GoogleSearchC when it fixes a bug or has more information to share.

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