Google Analytics 4 Now Reports for Maximum Efficiency and Smart Shopping

Wakas Javed

The GA4 Property Report has new data segments for Max Performance and Smart Shopping campaigns.

Google Analytics updates GA4 property reports with data segment reporting traffic from Max Performance campaigns and Smart Shopping campaigns.

Data from both campaign types is now listed in a new channel group called “cross-network“.

You can access the data by searching for cross-network channel groupings in each report showing traffic tracking from Google Ads sources.

Cross Network is a new channel group that appears in the report along with other sources such as organic search, paid search, paid social, views and more.

Charles Farina of Adswerve saw and shared this GA4 property update on his LinkedIn page.

Advertisers using GA4 properties to monitor landing pages can now see exactly how much traffic is being attributed to Max Performance campaigns and Smart Shopping campaigns.

Depending on your advertising goals, it may be important to isolate your Best Performance and Smart Shopping metrics from other Google Ads data.

You can see data broken down by different networks, making it easy to determine the traffic you’re getting from the latest types of Google Ads campaigns.

Google Analytics 4 Channel Grouping For Google Ads

Here’s a complete list of all the default Google Ads traffic channel groupings and what they mean after adding the cross-network element:

Paid Search: The Google Ads network type is Google Search or Google Partners.

Paid Video: The Google Ads network type is YouTube Search or YouTube Videos.

Display: The Google Ads network type is “Google Display Network”.

Cross Network: Includes maximum efficiency and smart shopping

Paid Social: The Google Ads network type is Social.

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