Best TikTok Marketing Tips And Practices For 2022 – Complete Guide

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Who would have thought it would be so easy to make a generation dance to a song like TikTok a few years from now?

With a number of social media management tools on the market, starting TikTok is no easy task. It’s just a game of following some of TikTok’s best practices to get a good following on the platform and become a celebrity in no time.

But did you know that there is a separate Chinese version of this video platform that originated in China?

The China-only short video app is Douyin, launched in 2016. TikTok, the international version of Douyin, launched a year later in 2017. And this app has taken over the entire social media market.

TikTok is currently the most downloaded social media app for short videos, with more than 1 billion daily active users by the end of 2021. As the hub and primary app for Millennials and Gen Z, we wanted to see how you can make the most of it. platform by following some well-crafted TikTok best practices.

But first, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, why TikTok?

Why Is TikTok The Market Leader?

Initially thought TikTok only for teenagers or children. The main purpose of the app is to focus on dancing to the current music, popping sunglasses to the beat and making short videos. But TikTok ended up growing bigger and better than that.

TikTok has done everything other apps have done, but it has also done what many apps have failed to do in less time. Videos look great on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, while short videos on Stories or Snaps look great on Snapchat and Instagram. Then TikTok came out with a shorter format complete with up-to-date music, filters, transitions, and lots of glitter.

Businesses and brands have finally surged as the majority of social media users now consume more content from TikTok than any other app.

TikTok offers the freedom to continue to build creative platforms for businesses of all sizes. Brands can now entertain and break through millions of future potential customers by following TikTok best practices.

For better business use and marketing, TikTok for Business was developed and launched in June 2020, which was revolutionary.

Business ads on TikTok
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With an increasing number of daily downloads for creativity, entertainment, and reflection on social media trends that matter among young people, TikTok is setting the bar. Not everyone can find a place here, but following a few marketing tactics can make anyone stand out and be relevant.

TikTok Best Practices – What And How?

What is a “best practice”?

TikTok Best Practices are a series of activities that can make you and your videos stand out. Get the attention of millions of users and ultimately add credibility to your account – personally or professionally.

Sounds interesting, but how do we get to best practices and marketing hacks?

TikTok supports all types and sizes of businesses, including creating ecommerce campaigns! Improving the TikTok algorithm is the first step and the rest are sorted.

I bring you the most effective TikTok best practices and tips across various categories to help you determine which one is the best fit for you!

TikTok Best Practices For Marketers

1- Real Interaction For Victory

Nobody knows Khaby Lame before mid-2020, right?

But now we all know him not only for his iconic hand gestures, but also for being “the most followed account on TikTok” in 2022.

As a social media marketer, you need to be creative and interactive with your content first. You should aim to create content that makes you authentic and original to connect with your potential audience.

Real interaction never fails and pays off as one of TikTok’s best practices for marketers. TikTok focuses on storytelling, detailed transition videos, and music to keep you hooked. Make sure your brand presence speaks for itself in the most innovative way possible. Like Khaby saying nothing in his reaction video but all his moves have us commenting below. People interact in different ways, such as commenting or reacting to your videos, sharing them first, or simply downloading them from the platform.

Make sure you post videos consistently to get better engagement. A number of free social media planners can do the job of maintaining your TikTok presence without spending a dime. You have the same opportunity to raise your profile even further by participating in conversations and starting new conversations.

This practice of real interaction not only keeps you in line with the algorithm, but also gives you a better chance of your content going viral.

2- Improve Discoverability Through Hashtag Challenges

TikTok is rapidly changing trends and starting new ones. With exciting new tools for marketers to attract new audiences, TikTok has created the Hashtag Challenge.

As a marketer, the TikTok hashtag has the potential to add discoverability to your account through new audiences, better engagement, and the opportunity for your account to go viral. Hashtag challenges, like the infamous #bananadrop challenge, had everyone waving their sunglasses, racking up a total of 1.5 billion views for the banana drop trend.

Or how can we forget the #tellmewithouttellingme hashtag challenge that recently took over TikTok without saying anything? The essence of this trend is that it is better to show something without saying it in words.

Along with other TikTok best practices, trending hashtags have the full potential to bring your brand or work to the masses as a marketer. The organic way to go viral is to take on the challenge of trending hashtags with quality content, and you will see your brand account grow.

Now you might be thinking about a super way to increase TikTok engagement with hashtags.

Organic reach was great until TikTok released the innovative Branded Hashtag Challenge! Since TikTok started supporting advertising on the platform, among the many advertising opportunities, there have been opportunities for brands to use hashtag challenges.

So, What Is The Branded Hashtag Challenge?

When a brand invests money or sponsors a hashtag to promote their product online, it is called a branded hashtag challenge. As part of TikTok best practices, these challenges help users find videos that matter to them, join the conversation, and build a community around the things they love.

The #ChipotleLidFlip challenge was one of the first branded hashtag challenges, which attracted popular creators and followers to Chipotle’s official accounts.

3- Influencer Marketing With TikTok

“People don’t buy goods and services. They buy connections, stories, and magic. – Seth Godin.

We can’t oversell TikTok, which is largely due to the platform’s fledgling demographics – it’s getting harder and harder for companies and brands to find and engage a Gen Z audience. Instagram found a solution to this problem long before TikTok and that was with influencer marketing.

Like other social media platforms, TikTok has its own set of influencers and micro-influencers ranging from beginners to the best. You can find influencers with a few thousand followers to a million crazy fans.

Influencer marketing is one of the best practices TikTok recommends. People on certain platforms may not find a business organically, or if they do, they may not trust the services offered. But if it’s used, promoted, or endorsed by your following influencers, your sales could soar overnight! Influencers know how to engage with Gen Z in their particular niche; Hence, brands now prefer to work with them to reach the masses.

Take Calvin Klein for example. Calvin Klein is an American fashion house known for perfumes, clothing, leather, accessories, watches and ready-to-wear. CK joined TikTok in 2019 and like most big brands, they took the traditional route of first creating a professional account and then starting to post promotional videos. #MyCalvins is the brand’s hashtag, which they originally used for all the videos they posted, but they realized something was missing.

Calvin Klein has since worked with several well-known names, including Kendall Jenner, a famous model and TikTok influencer with 3.8 million followers. In the 12-second video, he is seen talking about his silky hair while wearing a CK t-shirt, which is currently getting almost 4K likes.

Influencer marketing is new to TikTok, but with TikTok for Business and paid collaboration, companies can now really leverage it alongside influencers.

4- Stay Close To The Basics

They follow all the best practices on TikTok, but if you miss the basics, you might get stuck. Each platform has its own specific settings that can affect or limit the reach of your content. TikTok Analytics is the best place to find out what’s working and what isn’t for your account.

As a trader, it is best to stick to the basics of the platform to make it big. Here are 4 core practices to remember like ABC:

Revolution Is To Move To High Definition

Stay legit, stay true to yourself and revolutionize your videos by shooting them in high definition. Overall, clearer, more realistic videos attract more viewers than grainy frames in an era when smartphones set the bar too high.

According to TikTok statistics, 83.2% of the top performing TikToks have 720 pixels or more and an average impression of 5.4%.

Marketers are experimenting with different techniques and transitions, but if you skip full-screen mode, your efforts may be in vain.

TikTok offers a full-screen experience of its videos live, unlike many social media apps. Follow TikTok best practices and use the full 9:16 aspect ratio to avoid blank areas on the sides or black corners. Along with screen real estate, the magic is keeping videos of a certain length between 21 and 34 seconds.

Go Vertical

According to TikTok, videos shot vertically have a 40% increase in impressions compared to the horizontal aspect ratio. TikTok supports vertical videos and mostly records them that way, so users don’t expect to rotate their phones to watch horizontal content.

TikTok Best Practices For Creators

1- Find A Niche

Every minute is busy on TikTok and we can never make the most of it!

Therefore, like other social media platforms, TikTok has its own niche for everyone to find content that interests them easily.

There is a niche for everyone. The question is what is a niche on TikTok?

A niche is a more focused and defined part of a larger market. The TikTok niche is like creating an account and narrowing it down to a specific submarket. For example, if you want to attract foodies and people who like food-focused videos, then “food” might be your chosen niche. By narrowing your target market, your competition for high rises reduces and becomes more achievable.

Let’s take a look at the famous content creator Burak zdemir – he is a Turkish chef and restaurateur who is currently the 8th most followed TikTok star in 2022. He is a content creator who targets a specific niche by leveraging TikTok best practices. She leads her niche when it comes to food-related content, food recipes and innovative cooking videos. Burak’s interactive style with constant smile on his face has made him the most popular food influencer not only in Turkey but all over the world.

Choosing a niche will make your audience smaller and easier to target. If you use the right discovery techniques, your target audience will eventually find you and start engaging with your content. Custom audiences are the best for content creators and marketers to get the right engagement on TikTok.

As of July 2020, there is a list of the most popular content categories, among which niche entertainment is the most watched category with 535 billion hashtag views worldwide. The second most viewed content niche is dance with a total of 181 billion hashtag views.

Once you connect with your audience, this is the start for you to build a strong community that goes beyond TikTok.

2- Create Unique Content With The Latest Audio

Sell ​​your personality, talents and skills, not just your service or product. As a content creator associated with a company or brand, it’s important to remember that not everyone is ready to make a purchase right away. People don’t use TikTok to get into your marketing funnel. Instead, they are there to be entertained – so entertain first!

TikTok best practices do not support videos that look more like ads because users will miss them. Finding the right balance between entertainment and advertising is very important.

Think outside the box and create unique and innovative content. You want people to stop, see, and remember you so they can come back and find you.

TikTok is the right platform that gives you the stage for maximum innovation where using trending music or audio snippets can give you the attention you need.

“TikTok is home to music trends that permeate industry, charts and culture. From aspiring artists to small business owners, MRC Data’s research validates that by connecting with the right music or sound on TikTok, content creators, artists and businesses can make a big impact.” — Ole Obermann, Global Head of Music, TikTok.

According to TikTok research data, most viewers on TikTok discover new music, but also listen to songs they may not hear elsewhere.

We all know CKay’s “Love Nwantiti”, right? Sleeper hit artist 2019 became a global hit 2 years later with #LoveNwantitiChallenge thanks to TikTok! It became the song with the most Shazams in October 2021 and finally the most viewed video on YouTube.

Following TikTok best practices can help in achieving your goals. According to the TikTok newsroom, when brands create sounds or songs into their videos:

68% of viewers remember brands better

58% feel more connected to the brand

58% of viewers are more likely to talk about or share an ad

62% more curious to learn more about the brand

TikTok Best Practices For Advertising

TikTok ads can be of three main types, and before we dive into best practices, it’s good to know where you should place your ads. Advertisements can be:

In-Feed Ads – You can create these ads yourself such as Image Ads, Video Ads and Splash Ads from TikTok Ads Manager.

Pangle Ads – This was created via the TikTok Audience Network

South Korean Ads – This only runs on the TikTok News app with a maximum of 10 images per ad.

Straight To The Point

Authenticity is everything on TikTok. Let your ads reflect you or your brand in the brightest light so you can shine.

TikTok best practices support ads to achieve excellent reach. As a business, you probably have a wide audience and it’s safe to test small campaigns on TikTok to find out your niche.

TikTok says your first 3 to 5 seconds should grab attention. Start your video with great visual effects and make sure viewers stop in front of your ad. Then highlight your main message for the next 5 seconds. The rest of your videos can be short stories that will leave a lasting impression!

With 6.7 million followers on TikTok, RedBull is one of the pioneers in creating viral content. They are one of the best branded accounts because videos with the hashtag #givesyouwings have been viewed more than 1 billion times. RedBull is not known for making great TikTok videos, but for their engaging and engaging content. Brand videos always start with extreme stunts to stop you.

Product placement is also very important on TikTok. Different angles and interesting placements can be the perfect start for your ad.

Interesting Call To Action

TikTok ads can cost a lot of money. Surely you want to invest your money right? If so, add a call to action to your ad.

If you want your ads to work and help you reach your goals:

Add a strong Call to action in the form of a visible button.

Make sure the ad button is compelling enough to get viewers to click and take action.

Keep your ad copy accurate. Use your CTA button to create a strong opening for the exact action you want your users to take. As an example; learn more, buy, start now,

Your video captions are critical to TikTok best practices. Text can be used intelligently to emphasize your call to action. According to TikTok, text-based video CTAs have seen a 152% increase in conversions compared to videos with little or no clear guidance.


Now that you know some of TikTok’s very effective best practices, it’s time to put them into practice. Immerse yourself in TikTok culture and follow the trends. Implement one or a combination of the above best practices that will benefit your ultimate marketing strategy – and don’t forget me after becoming a TikTok star.

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