4 Key Factors To Get Your Story In The Local News

Wakas Javed

Local media coverage provides access to new audiences, builds relationships, and increases your sales as well. This is perfect way; how you will be introduced.

Building your brand through local media coverage and news websites can bring significant benefits to your business – online and offline.

Google and other search engines value brand mentions and external links from sources they trust.

An active PR presence in news and media in your local community provides access to new audiences and drives your revenue growth potential.

Understanding how to create news relevant to your business on local news sites can give you a competitive edge over your local competitors.

Use four proven tips packed with actionable tactics to get you featured and featured in the local media, while building valuable connections, visibility, and new business along the way.

1- Lay The Foundation

The biggest mistake companies make when posting news to local news sites is to think that this is a tactic you can turn on or off as you please.

Ultimately, like most trust, authority, and feedback/PR building, it requires constant focus and priority in your marketing mix to generate repeat placements and related metric-based revenue for the business.

There are many ways to approach this. Below are useful frameworks that you can adapt and improve over time:

  • Identify the top local news sites and related media specifically for your target area.
  • Connect with them on social media channels (follow them and build relationships).
  • Create automatic social listening triggers to alert you when these external news sites are looking for news (often one of the biggest challenges for local news sites is getting enough organized and fresh content to meet the needs of their readers).
  • Increase your visibility in the local community (specific tactics are shared later in this post to help you here).
  • Find the right personal contacts for content creation, new stories, and the newspaper’s wider editorial board.
  • Create unique content that has its own value and purpose that is relevant to the audience of the publication.
  • Reach out to the contacts you find in a professional, friendly manner, and free of spam or formulas.
  • Set recurring email follow-up actions (use more than just email to contact people).
  • Set repeat actions to grow your mailing list.
  • Add the right tools to your arsenal to reach a wider range of media sites (there are plenty of database/CRM/media publishing tools and software to consider).
  • Check the success of published articles and promote them on social media and other business channels (direct marketing, newsletters, company websites, etc.).
  • Don’t forget to keep the relationship alive with ongoing check-ins and sharing the newsworthy content that comes with it.

2- Make Your Brand In The Local Community

There are many ways to increase brand exposure in your local area in a reliable and value-based way.

If you have offices, apartments and physical premises in different locations, you already have a good foundation and an advantage over competitors who are not present in those locations.

There are basic local research community tactics, such as:

  • Support local charities with corporate events.
  • Run contests and promote them on your business channel.
  • Answer location-specific questions and answers on social media, professional forums and on our website.
  • Show off your skills by attending industry and location forums.
  • Participate in local business forums, chambers of commerce and related networking areas.
  • Build community sites/hubs into your website – leverage your data and unique understanding of your audience to add sustainable value.
  • Promote reliable PR in all relevant areas.
  • Actively comment on local news sites.
  • Host a customer day or other event where your local audience can experience your expertise firsthand.
  • Work with local influencers to unite audiences and reach new people.

3- Have Something Useful To Say

This is mandatory for local news sites.

You have lots of unique opinions and interesting stories to share about your business.

You can use your employee, expert personal and brand profiles together with your organization for regional and national branding and PR.

This is best achieved by growing the company’s brand and expertise in key areas, and nurturing and expanding the diversity and volume of relationships built over time.

4- Explore Other Media

The online world is becoming increasingly text-based in its content consumption preferences.

On-the-go forms and easy-to-digest content are on the rise in terms of consumer preferences and online digital impact.

Your local community and local news sites like to promote business and PR updates when they do something different and has interesting and interesting things to say.

They can take positions to simplify complex business topics with video series and other types of content such as info graphics and promote the company’s mission along with its topical content created on local news sites for repeat brand growth.

Creating a monthly “Access Our Experts” podcast can be a great way to share monthly stories with your local news site and gain ongoing access to the company and community pages they often choose to populate.

Final Verdict

There are many ways to be active and visible in your local community and make your business story repeat in local news outlets.

Target local news companies as part of your “always-on” marketing approach using the framework suggested in this post and using my proven techniques to get you started.

You can use local news to target regional and national press.

Lastly, don’t forget to get creative with the media you use to build your local brand and often take your stories to new local platforms.

The more you credibly differentiate yourself from the competition, the easier it will be to build a brand and set the story.

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